The Worlds of Cyberpunk and Shadowrun typically have their own terminology, Our game is no exception, and below you’ll find some common expressions from our game

“Angel”: An Angel is anyone that has had such extensive cyber-ware installations that they effectively can no longer be considered fully “human”.Cyberware that would be considered grotesque and disgusting if it were a part of someone else is accepted and even admired in an angel. Unnatural cyberware of a useful nature is considered to be very uncool, and unless it is unique and experimental, is liable to disqualify the owner from angel status. This term is generally used with respect. An Angel you dislike is known as a “freak”

“Android”: A corporate employee with obvious cyber-ware related to their job occupation. When applied to a colleague the word is generally considered offensive, as it implies one has given up part of their humanity for greater work efficiency.

Ace, Either an expert in the field or a friend. Sometimes the same person.

Ace of Spades n. ’Runner slang for death in combat. As in, “He drew the Ace of Spades”

Aesthetics n. A slang term for any type of simple cosmetic surgery.

Airfilm n. Shorthand term for a narrow air-cushion train.

Alien n. A derogatory grounder term for someone who lives in space (ie. a highrider).

Artist (either “ART-ist” or “ar-TEE-st”) n. An extremely professional hit-man, who usually has a signature.

ASCWINWOTYTSD (“ask-Win-WHAT-it-said”) x. Lit. “A Sucking Chest Wound is Nature’s Way Of Telling You To Slow Down.”.

ASIST n. Lit. “Artificial Sensory Induction System Technology.” The industry name for simsense.

Avatar n. Decker slang for a personal Matrix icon. Also called, a persona.

Badge n. Steet slang for police officers or corporate security agents. Often used derogatorily.

Bag of Tricks n. 1. Decker slang for an illegal cyberdeck;

Bakebrain n. A derogatory term for someone with limited or damaged mental faculties (often due to excessive neural cyberware.)

Bioware n. Any biological enhancement or replacement

“Biz”: E.G. business, usually illegal

Blank n. A SINless individual.

Blue Moon n. An honest law-enforcement operative.

Bronze n. Gang slang for law enforcement officials, especially Lone Star agents. Normally used derogatorily.

Brush-up n. A shadowrun to collect background information.

Cause Static v. To start trouble.

Catfood n. (mil) The unit number of trained soldiers needed to reduce a runner team to catfood, eg. one catfood worth.

Chinese Take-Out n. Anything extremely jumbled or messy (eg. “That riotgun made his chest look like Chinese take-out.”)

Chunking v. The act of eating on the run or as a secondary activity.

Chunky Salsa Effect n. The resulting state of a human body in a small, well-built area, after the introduction of a grenade or other explosive device.

Cityspeak n. A hybrid street language, incorporating a mishmash of Japanese, Spanish, German, Cantonese, etc. Also called, Towntalk (cf. Tunneltalk).

Close a Contract v. (mil) To kill or assassinate. Also, dust, eradicate, erase, grease, hose, liquidate, neutralize, pop, smoke, vape, wax, , etc, etc, etc!

Collar n. A derogatory term for a white-collar worker, usually a low-level employee of a megacorp.

Company Man/Operative n. A reflex-boosted or heavily cybered assassin in the employ of a major corp (cf. ballerina, operative).

Coffin Hotel n. A rack of coffin-sized rooms (cf.), usually six to twelve across and four or five levels high. Originally a Japanese hospitality solution, that has now become a lifestyle for some of the more downtrodden.

Corpse n. A CORPorate Security Expert, ie. a corporate assassin. See, ballerina, company man.

“Chrome”: A street word for Cyber-ware.

Cowboy n. A very hot, professional decker or netrunner. Also, console cowboy.

Cred n. Money, typically electronic funds. From, credit.

Cyberhound n.Guard dog or similar creature with augmented offensive abilities. Also called, electrocurs

“Chummer”; As in buddy, or Pal.

“Cyberpunk”: Anyone with non-natural cyber-ware who is not an angel is considered a “cyberpunk” – which means that almost everyone with non-natural cyber-ware falls into this category. The word has connotations of criminality, viciousness and renouncement of humanity. The word “cyberpunk” is officially considered offensive when applied to a colleague, but is in common use among pure-strain humans all the same. There are various castes of cyberpunk

Dataslave n. Corporate decker or other data processing employee.

Datasteal n. Theft of data from a computer, usually by decking.

Deckhead n. Simsense abuser; anyone with a datajack or chipjack

Deep Freeze n. A slang word for being extremely distant though not outright rude to someone. “Chummer, this chica was so hot but when I talked to her she just gave me the deep freeze.”

Deep Reality n. The “real world,” as opposed to the realities we create in our minds (eg. RPG’s) and in our processors (eg. the Matrix).

Die [or Dying] of the Measles n., adj. (mil) A military parlance meaning, an assassination which makes the death appear to be from natural causes.

Dilligaf! x. (vul) I could care less. Buzz! Go away! From the acronym, “Do I Look Like I Give A Frag?”

Dock v. To have sex

Double Tap v. To cleanly kill with a single gunshot, usually to the head (The term refers to the twin, entry and exit wounds).

Dumped v. To be involuntarily ejected while rigging, while in the Matrix, or during a simsense viewing.

“Decker”: A hacker or other computer expert

“Drek”: Just another way of saying crap. A very common swear word.

ELINT (“EE-lint”) n., adj. (mil) An abbreviation for Electronic Intelligence.

“Fab” Short for fabricated, to make something

Ferryman n. A high-level assassin, believed to be derived from the famed European mercenary, Charon (cf. widowmaker).

Flash n. 1. Anything spectacular, as in “that deck has a lot of flash;” 2. Street slang for hard currency, as in “load me some flash.”

Floor Routine n. From gymnastics, a (usually futile) attempt to dodge automatic weapons fire.

Fodder n. A derogatory term fixers use for street samurai and solos.

Fumigation n. (mil) An assault in which no survivors are left. Term first used by BWANT in Seattle.

Funderwear n. A slang term for form-fitting body armor. From “Finally! Underwear that’s fun (and safe) to wear!”

Futokoro-Gatana n. (jpn) A right-hand man. Lit. “blossom dagger,” he who’d kill you if you were in too much pain to complete sepuku.

“Fixer”: Someone that can get you things you need. Drugs, weapons, mercs, information; if the price is right your fixer can get it.

Gargoyle n. (mil) Someone whose job is gathering intelligence in the field, normally bedecked with surveillance gear.

Gander n. Street name for a pimp

Goose n. A whore

Geese n. Lit. the plural form of “goose,” ie. more than one prostitute.

Ghost n. A decker who assists a “physical entry team” by entering & controlling the computer of the target site.

Glitch n. A derogatory term for complete and utter screw up. Also Glitched

Gutterpunk n. A slang term for street riffraff. Also, guttersnipe.

Geek v. To kill.

Hardsuit n. A suit of powered armor.

Hardwired adj. 1. Having cyberware; 2. Unable to change; 3. Inflexible options.

Heatwave n. A police or security crackdown.

Homerun n. A ‘run made on one’s own initiative for personal gain, as opposed to being hired & paid for by an outside agent.

Hopscotch n. A secured area protected by sensor pods, pressure pads, or similar auto-triggered intruder detection electronics. v. To navigate such an area by pinpointing and avoiding the contact-spots/eye-beams of the sensors.

Hotdogger n., adj. A derogatory term for inexperienced deckers

Hell Hound n. A Genetically engineer animal used by Corporate Security Teams or by other specialized military units.

Ice n. Security software. “Intrusion Countermeasures Electronics,” or IC.

Icebreaker n. Any program or software designed to penetrate or foil ice.

Info Bro n. A shorthand form of INFOrmation BROker.

Input n., adj. A girlfriend or female companion.

Jacked [-In] adj. Senses, skills, reflexes, muscles, and so on enhanced by cyberwear; v. To be connected to cyberspace, a rigged vehicle/security system, or a simsense playback unit.

Jamming v. 1. Having sex; 2. Moshing; 3. Being involved in highly dangerous, paramilitary ops.

Jander v. To walk in an arrogant, yet casual manner; to strut.

Kibble Card n. A government-issued food ration card.

Kink n. A particularly difficult security measure or trap; adj. kinked.

Kittycat Run n. A drek run, so named when a Johnson had a group of runners rescue a kidnapped feline.

Leash n. A corp safeguard implanted in an employee to ensure loyalty and continued service, eg. a cortex bomb or sabotaged cyberware.

Leech n. A derogatory slang term for a street-doc or med-tech, particularly one that is expensive or unrelaible.

Meat n. Decker slang for the physical body, un-cybered flesh, or anything else undesirable. Also called, meatbod. x. (vul) A decker curse-word, equivalent to “drek!”

Meat Puppet n. A prostitute whose memory and/or senses are disabled while “working,” usually with a puppet chip.

Meatworld n. Decker slang referring to the physical world.

Motorhead n. A rigger or mechanic.

Matrix n. Three dimensional successor to the Net.

“Mr. Johnson”: A man or woman that arranges jobs for Shadowrunners. Sometimes they work through proxies, and all try to keep their real identies secret and thus go by the moniker “Mr. Johnson”.

NetFet n. A derogatory term for a decker who can only relate to “life” in the Matrix. From, “NET FETish.”

Nine n. A street slang term for a pistol. From, “9mm.”

“Null Sheen”: “No sweat/ no problem”

Nutrisoy n. Cheaply processed food product, derived from soybeans

Organleg or Organ Leg v. To sell illegal, second-hand, body parts to a Body Bank. From, “bootleg.” v.t. organlegging.

Output n., adj. A boyfriend or male companion.

“Orc’s”: Uniformed Military with obvious cyber-ware related to their military occupation. Usually Orc’s can’t walk the streets where they are employed without harassment, thanks to prejudice against such combat cyberware.

Paydata n. A datafile worth money on the black market.

Pig-Rig n. Gang slang for a Lone Star patrol vehicle.

Polymer One Shot n. Any cheap, plastic, non-reloadable, hold-out pistol, that’s very inexpensive & very unreliable. Also called, a poly-1.

Pregnant n. An excuse given by (female) runners when they go into hiding for long periods of time, typically preceded by an apparent death.

Prole n. 1. A derogatory term for any lower class individual, usually a non-citizen, ie. SINless; 2. Street scum

Puppet n. An illegal cut-out chip that turns off most of the conscious mind, commonly fitted to prostitutes.

Puppet Gang n. Any gang controlled by a corporation.

PSH” (Pure Strain Human): Anyone that either has no cyberware, or at least has no obvious cyberware that could be detected with the naked eye.

Queen of Hearts n. 1. Street slang for “true love” or what passes for it in the sprawl; 2. Getting lucky, as in, “I drew a queen of hearts last night” (cf. Ace of Spades).

“Rigger”: A person with a remote jack that allows them to pilot vehicles or drones.

Rad n., adj. 1. Shorthand for radiation; 2. A dose or measurement of radiation.

Rat-Lab n. Street slang for prisons under the Provincial U.S., where prisoners were used for medical, chemical, cybernetic, etc. research.

Reduce v. Street slang for causing physical violence (eg. “Hey bit-brain, shut it down or I’ll reduce your face!”)

Ripper Doc n. A surgeon specializing in implanting illegal cyberware.

SIN”: Stands for Serial Identification Number. Corporations give their these to their employees so that they may be tracked and identified.

SIN-Eater”: A Corporate Wage Slave.

Sand v. To locate and severly damage. From phonetic pronunciation of “S and D,” (ie. Search and Destroy).

Sardine n. A soldier wearing powered armor.

Screamer n. 1. Slang for the mouth (eg. “shut your screamer”); 2. Something fast, sleak and sexy, used as an expression of admiration; 3. Somebody who screams a lot while being reduced; 4. Somebody who screams a lot while being tightly interfaced;

SimSense n. A simulated sensory broadcast or recording of another person’s experiences. See, ASIST.

Smart adj. Any device (usually a weapon or a vehicle) which has been augmented to interface with a user via cyberware.

Solar Wind n., adj. Literally, hot air, ie. anything that is “so much bulldrek.”

Samurai n. (Jap) Mercenary or muscle for hire. Implies honor code.

SOTA n. acronym, State Of The Art, anything hot, shiny, and new

Sprawl n. a metroplex; v. fraternize below one’s social level.

Soykaf n. Ersatz coffee substitute made from soybeans. Nothing close to the real thing but it’s all most people can afford.

Technician n. A corporate slang term for a professional hit-man.

Techno Scum n. A personally unpleasant, but technically brilliant individual.

Tiger n. (mil) A military decker.

Trid n. Three-dimensional successor to video.

Twinkie n. A naive, defenseless, vulnerable, or otherwise useless person

Twitch n. A careless, scatterbrained, or otherwise unreliable individual.

U²C n. Gang slang for a pedestrian. From the abbreviation for, “Upright, Uptight Citizen.”

VITAS n. An abbreviation for Virally Inducted Toxic Allergy Syndrome. The 2010+ version of the Bubonic Plague.

Vatjob n. A person with extensive cyberware replacement, reference is to a portion of the process during which the patient must be submerged in nutrient fluid.

“Wiz”: A sarcastic way of saying great.

Wearing Colors v. To display (usually, gang-related) markings and/or designs for the purposes of intimidation or identification

Wetware n. 1. Any original body organ; 2. A biological enhancement. Also called, bioware; 3. The human brain.

Wetwork n. A corporate slang term for an assassination or an operation involving murder.

Whacked adj. (vul) Of or relating to the state of being either “high” or insane.

Wired adj. Equipped with cyberware, especially increased reflexes.

Wizard n. A hacker with exceptional talent in the Matrix.

Word, The n. Any type of slang, info, or gossip.

Yak n., adj. (jpn) Of or relating to the Yakuza, either the syndicate as a whole, a clan in particular, or a clan member.

Zero n. 1. A blank; 2. (mil) A slang term for 00:00, ie. midnight. From “zero-hour;” v. 1. To delete or destroy a piece of software or memory; 2. To kill someone.


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