Campaign Background

A little History

The year is 2066. The complete economic collapse during the 2030’s was worldwide and only hasted societal collapse and global climate change. War, famine, disease were the name of the game for the world superpowers, though they remained super in name only; existing to spy upon their own citizens and line the pockets of the Mega-Corporation while bombing the heck out those not in line with Corporate interest (i.e. much of the developing world).

The “recovery” of the 40’s saw a new world order emerge from the ashes and chaos of the old. The creation of the East Asian Economic League (backed by the Japanese Mega-Corporations hungry for resources) helped provide a stabilizing force, and greatly assisting the South Koreans in the Unification War with the North Koreans. However things quickly got worse when the Japanese Mega corps discovered Fissionable Power, and then refused to share the technology, further destabilizing worldwide economies.

In turn this led to the Mega-Corp Shadow wars of the 50’s, which saw the collapse of the Chinese Communist State (replaced by six competing countries), large scale Corp warfare and espionage, and it was only after the nuclear destruction of Singapore that the Corps started to back off a little.

Today the majority of wageslaves earn below the “average” wage, which is only average because the billionaires skew the statistics. Worldwide, that 1% own 99% of everything and the masses can scrape by one the rest. The Mega-Corp war drags on, though today it exists as a cold war status, with companies working through a network of agents, and spy’s in attempt to keep their rivals from knowing their true purpose. To this end they make use of Shadowrunners like yourself; deniable assets.


Shadowrunners exist on the edge of this corporate cold war. When someone needs dirty work done, and they would rather not have it traceable to them, they hire mercenaries like yourself through intermediaries known as a “Mr.Johnson” to get the job done. As a Shadowrunner you are almost always getting used, but you are also getting paid. Of course, its not always about the money and there as many reasons to run in the shadows.

While you might have your own thing going on the side, over the last year you have taken to running with a crew known as “The Jackals”. The Jackals are mostly all former members of the same SWAT team, but are led by a woman called Winterhawk, and there is a running bet as to her actual background amongst the team. To the man The Jackals pride themselves on their efficiency, team work, and professionalism. While running with them over the last year you’ve raided three Corporate Arcologies, one museum, and one high security Mansion. The missions have paid well, but not well enough to retire.

You are about to embark on a new mission with the Jackals, one which promises to be the most lucrative yet.

Campaign Background

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