Background Questions

Before you make your character it can be helpful to consider who exactly your character is and what kind of background he or she has. Very few people take up the profession of Shadowrunning by choice, and you should have some idea why your character has decided upon the lifestyle they have today. Rather than creating a complete background try and come up with a few concrete ideas about your past to give your character a little extra life, so to speak. Once play begins you may elaborate on your characters past as you develop a better sense for your character.

That being said, consider why your character took up the life of Shadowrunning. Were they forced into it by circumstance or hostile forces? Did they take to it for money, for excitement. Perhaps they have a family member that was Shadowrunners and this inspired your character.

Describe your first Shadowrun mission and how it went down.

What is your Runner’s Handle? Often times Shadowrunners adopt an assumed name, a nickname, or professional call sign which they then operate under. They do this to protect their real identity, and to allow their Shadowrunning name to gain a professional reputation (not linked to who they really are). How did you come by this name?

Do you have any cyber-ware? Were your enhancements voluntary, or are they the result of some tragic accident or warfare.

What kind of lifestyle were you born into? Were you raised in an corporate Arcology, or did you scrape by in the Barrens? Are you an Orphan? Are you close with your family and are they still alive? Do they know about your profession and do they approve?

Does you character have any love interests?

What does your character do for fun, when not training or otherwise living in the Shadows?

What are three material rewards your character is seeking? What is your most prized procession? Do you have a good luck charm? What are three non-tangible rewards your character is seeking?

When was the last time your character cried?

Describe one physical quirk or tick for your character? Describe one personality trait that your character has. Does your character have a catchphrase or use a certain word a lot?

Player made character backgrounds are always welcome, and will be rewarded with instant XP.

Background Questions

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